About Us

We are Sew Hop'd!

Located in what used to be an old dairy production facility in the early 1900’s, Sew Hop’d Brewery of Huntley, IL shares its home with Union Special, a manufacturer of industrial sewing machines with a history that dates back to 1881 and which provided much of the innovation that served as the foundation for the American apparel industry. The industry was decimated in the early 1990’s with the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Never Say Die...

Through the adversity, Union Special persevered and is one of the only remaining industrial sewing machine manufacturers in the United States. Sew Hop’d Brewery combines the never-say-die perseverance of the vintage American manufacturer with the ingenuity and creativity of the new American craft beer producers. Immerse yourself in a bit of Americana as you drink responsibly. Thank you.